Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Orlean's: The Good The Bad & The Ugly

Today concludes my extended weekend in New Orlean's. Six ladies, one hotel room, one bathroom, 16 hours on the road and unlimited memories. The purpose of our trip was to support a friend, bond with new friends and eat plenty of good seafood and Cajun creations. Although I am glad to be home, in my own bed, using my own restroom, I am already missing my girls and the constant smell of creole food and hot pissy Bourbon street.

To start our trip off each ladies was assigned a creatively suggestive nickname. If by chance we happened to call someone their birth name, we would then be required to take a shot. I say this to set the mood of how festive the girls trip was.

Thursday (Day 1)
8pm Arrival - Refresh & Dress
10pm Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro (We loved everything about this place. good drinks, excellent food and great late dining environment. Their take on Shrimp & Grits was AMAZING)
12pm to 2:30am - walked Bourbon St.

Friday (Day 2 - City Wide Water Warning - No ice or drinks like soda and water)
10:30am Riverwalk Outlet Mall
1pm Mulate's (I had the BBQ shrimp and it was good)
5pm Poolside & hot tub
8:30pm Deanie's in the French Quarter (The food and drinks here is really good - pack your patience because the dinner line is wrapped around the corner - we waited at least 2 hours in the heat on funky ass Bourbon St)
11:45pm Bourbon Street again (we found a really cool karaoke spot at and drag queens show at Lucky Pierre's)

Saturday (Day 3)
9:30am Cresent City Farmers Market (under whelming small parking lot farmers market - they did offer a few fresh seafood vendors)
10:15am Mother's Restaurant - We made the mistake and ordered breakfast - very bland grits - super dry ham and my crawfish étouffée omelet was bland and they skimped on the filling, although I love the idea)
12:15pm Nola in the French Quarter (Everything here was absolutely amazing & beautiful - it's pricey but well worth it)
2:30pm Walked French Quarter - Cafe Du Monde - French Quarter Market (I love the French Quarter Market. This is where you can find the true N.O. experience, live music, food and plenty of people)
8:30pm Oceana (dinner was good, I can't say that it was worth the 3 hour wait, but it is something good to try)
10:15pm Novelty store for a girls adventurous pit stop (huba-huba)
10:45pm Once again, karaoke at Lucky Pierre's on Bourbon Street.

Sunday (Day 4)
9:25am breakfast downstairs 
11:30 hit the road heading home

Here are a few take always:
1) Bring bottled water (I was told the water has been iffy every since Katrina)
2) Use yelp, trip advisor or Google to find out the famous or popular locations to eat (Now, don't expect perfect food just because you see 5 stars and a great review and don't count out a place just because you see a few bad reviews)
3) Talk to the locals and find out where they eat and what they like to do.
4) Google calendar events or festivals to find different things to do.

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